Meyer in Tough Spot with Rainey

All the talking heads are in an uproar b/c Urban reinstated Chris Rainey.   The charges of stalking were dropped (or were they just plead down?) But the fact remains that Rainey still threatened to kill someone via a text message.  Does that make it worse, not as bad?  I have to think Meyer got Foley’s OK on this one.   If it was your son who did this, what would you do?

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4 Responses to Meyer in Tough Spot with Rainey

  1. Mad Hasher says:

    Local news stated that Urban checked with Foley and Machen before allowing
    Rainey to rejoin…jus sayin

  2. paulszeto says:

    Love the name Mahesh. I wonder what Foley and Mach think about the arrest/charges situation regarding the team. I wonder if the team really slips this year – 8-4 or 7-5, does Meyer start to get real heat in G-ville. Winning cures everything I guess.

    • Mad Hasher says:

      Two NC in 6 years at UF…Meyer can skate by with mediocore teams
      for a little while…but dont know if GatorNation will let him keep Daz with
      8-4, 7-5 seasons…

  3. paulszeto says:

    Meyer gets nailed for 30 arrests in 6 years, or whatever the number is, but UGA has had 11 arrests this year alone. Where is the national outrage over that? That’s 13% of your team in a single season.

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